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July 31 - August 4, 2017

Camp World is open to children currently enrolled in kindergarten through fifth grades (2016-2017 school year). It's a week-long series of activities packed with unforgettable experiences.

Each group of 20 students will have their own counselor who will be with the campers all day.  Each teacher will be assisted by a Findlay High School student.

Camp World has an all-new countries for 2017: Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. Learning and fun will go hand-in-hand. Campers are sure to enjoy the hands-on experiences! So come along as we begin our fun-filled week “Getting Oriented to the Orient.”

  • Indonesia: “Unity in Diversity”
    Donnell Teacher Nancy Sheaffer
  • Japan: “Spread the Spirit of Nurturing
    Wilson Vance Teacher Nick Vallejo
  • Malaysia: “Unity is Strength”
    Retired Teacher Teresa Lambert
  • Singapore: “Onward Singapore”
    Donnell Teacher Lisa Canterbury
  • Taiwan: “Trust, Justice, Sincerity,
    Wilson Vance Teacher Sydney Robbins
  • Recess and Noontime Activities
    Middle School Teacher Kate Winger

Each day campers will visit all five countries and discover the differences that make each country unique.

  • Monday - Georgraphy & History
  • Tuesday - Art & Architecture
  • Wednesday - Customs & Cuisine
  • Thursday - Sports, Music & Dance
  • Friday - Points of Interest

Space is limited to 100 campers, so don't forget to make your reservation soon!

Contact Terri Hooper at 419-427-5495 for financial aid and additional information.


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